How does a Solar Water Pumping System work?

Water Pumping by Solar Energy is carried out by capturing the energy of sunlight by means of Photovoltaic Solar Panels, who converted into Electric Power to power the Solar Submersible Pump.

  • The water pumping will start in the presence of the sun and will end automatically at dusk, it can be controlled by maximum and minimum levels in the tank.
  • The key to decide if the use of Solar Pumps is adequate, is to know whether or not they can replace conventional pumping systems and should consider the total cost of the water that is pumped during the life of the equipment, taking into it counts the cost of acquisition of each equipment, the one of installation and the one of operation. Here is where the big difference lies: the operating cost of these pumps is zero. If we consider the analysis on a life cycle of the equipment and the current value of electricity as a reference, the amortization it occurs at 12 months depending on the daily flow and thedepth from which the water is pumped. In some places it is cheaper from the momentthe assembly is carried out.
  • Its fundamental use is for animals, irrigation and domestic use.
  • The variety of pumping systems available is very extensive, from those suitable for water extraction at depths of 100 ft, to those required to supply large flows at low and medium pressures.

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  • Flow Capacity from 7 to 600 gallons per minute


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